Kenmore Elite 80 Gal. Hybrid Electric Water Heater

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Kenmore is one of America's leading brands of appliances, found in more than 100 million homes. The Elite, 80-gallon model is a good reason why. It uses the latest hybrid technology to capture some of the surrounding heat in the environment, and transfer it to the hot water inside. This model is estimated to save as much as 60 percent in your annual operating costs, and boasts an Energy Factor rating of 2.3. Energy Star compliance will also allow you to capitalize on the current tax rebates running now through December 2013. The user friendly touch pad control panel includes four operating modes; Efficient, Hybrid mode, Electric mode, and Vacation mode. Like all hot water heaters these days, this model comes with a reputable maintenance-free, non-depleting, powered anode rod that will help to prevent rust. The easy access air filter is mounted high, making it easy for you to remove and replace after washing.Rating: 4.5/5

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I disagree with your assertion that energy efficiency is the most important factor in choosing a water heater. To me, having hot water at the right temperature, at a high enough flow rate and with a high enough capacity that it doesn't run out during use are the most important things! Beyond that, reliability is most important. Several of your best picks are electric hybrids that combine electric heating coils with heat pump technology. This makes them more expensive to buy, less reliable and more expensive to repair. Their efficiency ratings are only based on the amount of electricity/energy saved by the water heater itself, not total household energy use/savings, a much better metric when you consider how the heat pump heats the water.

Posted on 11/16/2013 7:44 pm | Reply