Kingston HyperX Savage 512GB Flash Drive

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Expert Review

Although a performance flash drive is typically evaluated in terms of data rates, the size of a drive is also important. With that in mind, this model is an excellent option if you want to keep as much data as possible on your drive. The read/write speeds on this drive might not be the absolute best, but they’re still quite fast with maximum read speeds of 350 MB/s and maximum write speeds up to 250 MB/s. That is only true for the larger sizes including 128GB, 256GB, and the maximum size model with 512GB of storage.

There’s a smaller one in this series with 64GB of space, but it has maximum read/write speeds of 350 MB/s and 180 MB/s, so keep that in mind. However, something like the SanDisk Extreme still comes up as a more reliably fast option that delivers the best performance possible. This can give you eight-times the storage without sacrificing much performance, so it’s a great option if you have a lot of data to keep on your flash drive.Rating: 4/5

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