Klipsch CA-800-TSW Outdoor Subwoofer

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Expert Review

While the rest of the woofers in this list are designed to be used incognito, either by blending in with their surroundings or passing themselves off as something other than a speaker, the CA-800-TSW is built to be integrated with a more standard-looking outdoor system. Designed with outdoor concerts, parties, and tailgating in mind, Klipsch’s outdoor sub provides ample bass response down to 50hz; frequencies below this level are harder to maintain at respectable power outdoors as they are felt as much as heard, and without a sealed space in which to resonate, their effects are diminished. The sound pros at Klipsch know this well, and therefore chose to focus more on optimizing the response above 50hz to make what can be appreciated outdoors sound as good as possible, and they succeed. The CA-800-TSW delivers a punchy, full-bodied response that can easily be heard across football fields and other such large outdoor spaces, making it a great choice over the others in this review if you plan on catering to a larger audience. These babies are built to last, too, with a durable plastic enclosure that can withstand a bit of rain; though not built to endure the constant barrage of weather that the more permanent outdoor designs are specced for, it is less fragile and more portable as a result, making it the go-to subwoofer solution for a transportable outdoor audio system.Rating: 4.75/5