Klipsch HD Theater 500 High Definition 5.1 Speaker System

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Expert Review

The HD500 is a very respectable choice for an entry level speaker system, especially for those who are familiar with Klipschs house sound. For those who arent, know this: it is bassy! The HD500 puts out lows in good quantity, and will definitely wake the neighbors if you live in an apartment building. Its midrange can be a bit recessed, which is why a center channel has been included, but nonetheless dialogue does suffer slightly, even when compared to the cheaper offerings from Energy and Onkyo. Treble sparkles and shines, which, in combination with the enhanced bass, makes for a very lively and exciting sound, but it can be a bit too bright on occasion, highlighting sibilance in some recordings and occasionally making instruments sound a bit artificial. That said, its a very decent system overall, and although better quality can be had for just a bit more in Pioneers new 5.1, the HD500 caters to bass lovers, who will likely prefer it to anything else on this list. Anyone who is after that movie-theater-like bass-heavy sound should be content with the HD500, as long as you arent expecting an incredible bargain in overall naturalness and absolute sound quality; those looking for more fidelity with strong bass performance should consider buying the Pioneer PK-52 and shelling out for a more powerful subwoofer, like the JBL ES250P or, if there's room in your budget, the Bic America F12. But for an entry level setup well shy of $1,000, the HD500 does an admirable job of delivering Klipschs famous house sound, albeit with a less aggressive midrange, for a very affordable price.Rating: 4.5/5

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