Klipsch KW100 Powered subwoofer

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    Originally priced at close to $300, the Dynamo must be on the chopping block for a newer model in the near future, because right now it can be had for under $100, which makes it an incredible deal. The Dynamo puts the SW012, the other $100 woofer in this list, to shame, making sound loose and a bit hollow by comparison. Its downward firing cone can produce notes below 50hz with authority while remaining tight and controlled. At 8 inches, its cone is smaller, meaning that it should be bought with a smaller space in mind; bigger rooms will be better served by the F12 or ES250P. But in a bedroom or smaller den, the diminutive Dynamo 300 can really show its stuff, and will really thump if you push it. It sports a balanced sound that only distorts at the limits of its volume and never sounds bloated or boomy unless equalized beyond its intended range. It does have an adjustable crossover, but is generally tame enough that keeping it turned up won't make it intrusive. It takes a bit more breaking in than some woofers, making it a bit of an anomaly considering its size, but once properly burned in it will integrate seamlessly into most mid-fi systems. As long as you aren't expecting it to fill large spaces or pound your heart out of your chest, the Dynamo 300 is a steal at $100 and will not disappoint your wallet or ears.Rating: 4.75/5

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