Klipsch Palladium P-39F Home Theater Speakers

Expert Review

Klipsch has made their name with their theater-like house sound, and the Palladium exemplifies this signature in a compact 5.1 system that is perfect for those seeking theater-like audio in a slightly smaller space. Running a cool $31,500 for the whole system, the Palladium brings a lively, exciting sound, in many ways analogous to a scaled-down version of the JBL Synthesis Everest system, to spaces (or budgets) that cant accomodate JBLs extravagance. For the cash price of a new car, you get two of Klipschs P-39F loudspeakers, a P27-C center channel, two P27-S surrounds, and the P312-W subwoofer.

The P-39s deliver very natural, well-balanced sound that is a bit forward in nature, in accordance with Klipschs house sound, but strays away from the over-emphasis on the upper midrange that some of Klipschs lower model horn-loaded speakers are prone to, instead delivering a more smooth and powerful sound. Incorporating the full system yields a forward but very spacious sound for a 5.1 system, and its masterful balance enables it to remain very natural and well-controlled at the limits of reproduction, while still offering that exciting, explosive edge of emphasized bass and treble that Klipsch has become famous for. If youve heard Klipschs lower-end offerings, and want to experience the best they have to offer, or are lusting over Project Everest but dont have a bottomless savings account to dip into, the Palladium series will bring you very close to the peak of HiFi, and looks even better than the JBLs to boot.Rating: 4/5

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