Klipsch RF-7 II Floorstanding Speaker

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When buying speakers for home theater, some people look for speakers that have the biggest soundstage, to truly recreate epic scenes in their living room. Some want as much detail as possible in order to pick out the tiniest nuances that help make films feel so lifelike that you could reach out and touch the actors. Others want a fast, dynamic sound to really overwhelm the senses and immerse them in the movie.

But really, when most people look for speakers for a home theater, most just want it to sound like a movie theater, and thats how Klipschs Reference speakers are designed to sound: like a really awesome movie theater. Their bass-heavy, mid-forward sound represents an enhanced version of what most folks are used to hearing when they go to see movies on the big screen; rest assured that the RF7-II will portray much more detail and texture in your movies than you would ever hear in a normal theater. Dialog from Klipschs horn-loaded drivers is forward, detailed, and exceptionally clear, unlike other bassy systems which can overpower the midrange and obscure important plot content. But dont worry, the RF7-II have bass in spades: with two 10 inch woofers on each speaker, these babies put out enough low-end grunt to satisfy some listeners needs even without a subwoofer, especially in a smaller room. They showcase impressive dynamic presence, and will probably scare your pets off at high volume.

For the majority of non-audiophile home theater enthusiasts, the RF7-II is an excellent, well-buit product at a non-unreachable price. It delivers at least 75 percent of the sound quality of truly high-end speakers of its type, and had the kind of sound signature that will impress movie buffs and casual listeners alike. If you want to recreate that movie theater experience at home, there is no better choice than Klipsch.Rating: 4/5

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