Klipsch RF-82II 5.1 Bundle with Klipsch SW-112

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Expert Review

Between powerful subwoofers and the horn-loaded midrange speakers, Klipschs house sound is known for being bold and brassy, with forward mids and powerful bass response. The RF-82-II exemplifies this perhaps better than any Klipsch system, delivering a punchy, aggressive sound that delivers exactly the kind of presentation that will immediately impress anyone who is new to high end audio. Some people will prefer the more laid-back sound of MartinLogans systems, and those with smaller spaces (say, below 5,000 ft3) to fill may even prefer the compact offerings from B&W, KEF, or Paradigm. But for recreating that real movie theater experience at home, there is no substitute for Klipsch.

The horn-loaded mids produce strikingly clear, forward vocals that make any and all movie or TV dialogue up-front and extremely easy to hear, a notorious shortcoming of lower-end home theater systems. The RF-82-II floorstanders are the star of the show, combining with the RC-62-II to push vocals forward and create an incredibly punchy, immersive experience. The SW-115 subwoofer is the real show stealer here, though: it is one of my picks for Best Subwoofer on its own merits, and it is one of the most important elements in making the RF-82-II the monster of a sound system that it is. Digging deep into the 20hz range, and even below when fed enough power, the SW-115 is capable of rattling walls and windows in a medium sized room, and throwing in an extra one will fill even large dedicated home theaters with chest-thumping bass, producing positively seismic SPLs. The Klipsch Reference Series has always been one for lovers of the splashy, forward and exciting Klipsch house sound, and the top-of-the-line RF-82-II is no exception; anyone looking for that true movie theater sound at home, look no further, because that is exactly what Klipschs Reference line was designed to do.Rating: 4.75/5

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