Klipsch SW-115 Subwoofer

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    While the B&W ASW610 is designed for those who want a more neutral, accurate approach to bass for their home systems, the SW-115 is built for the basshead in all of us. At about the same price point as the 610, the SW-115 is not quite as tame and accurate, featuring Klipsch's characteristic emphasis on mid bass. This is a serious bass powerhouse, delivering 121 db at 30hz from its 15-inch front-firing speaker, and even greater sound pressure levels at higher frequencies. Its bass is tight for the quantity it delivers and has great punch to it: the SW-115 is really capable of delivering that chest-thumping sensation, and can come very close to creating room-lock on its own in a medium sized room (~300 square feet), an impressive feat for a single-woofer unit. It really is a sub for bassheads: anyone used to tamer, punchier bass will probably be disappointed and feel as though the SW-115 puts out too much SPL, making some sound tracks seem unrealistic and overblown if real boom is not what you had in mind. Overall it is a very technically capable subwoofer, one that is sure to impress guests with its thunderous sound, but do be prepared for quite a bit of bass; if that's what you're after, the SW-115 could easily become your favorite part of your system.Rating: 5/5

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