Koh Gen Do Triple Lighting Foundation SPF 22 Triple Lighting Foundation Compact

Expert Review

The first thing you notice about Koh Gen Do Triple Lighting Foundation with Compact is the gorgeous red color and slim design. The initial kit comes with a pressed powder, sponge applicator, mirror and a refillable compact. The powder formula is best for fair to dark skin tones with sun sensitivity because this product contains Titanium Dioxide as its main mineral-based ingredient. It offers an SPF 22 factor with PA++ which is an additional SPF which keeps UVA rays from damaging and aging delicate skin. No need to worry about skin irritation because this powder is free from dyes, fragrances, GMOs and other fillers. If you don’t wear makeup a lot but want to feel special on those dressed up occasions, this product promises to last and not break down or curdle over time.Rating: 4.5/5

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