Korg PB02 Pitchblack + Chromatic Pedal Tuner

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Expert Review

Korg’s PB02 Pitchblack+ chromatic pedal tuner is a stompbox that immediately looks different than some of the other products that exist in the market with it today, and that’s with good reason. This pedal is able to do things that its peers cannot, including saving tuning settings as presets, which is great for guitarists who frequently use alternate tunings outside of the standard set. A flat tuning mode can accommodate as many as seven semitones below standard, and it can also tune to open D, open E, open G, open A, and DADGAD. It’s a true bypass pedal, so you won’t have to worry about it sucking your tone, and it automatically mutes when it’s in use. It can also supply up to 200 mA of power to other pedals in your effects rig, making this helpful in more ways than its title might indicate.Rating: 4/5

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