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    Delivering their usual solid, reliable build and very decent sound quality for a wireless set, the JR900 check all of the boxes that dictate what a wireless headphone should do, and definitely exceeds expectations in terms of comfort and range. The pads are large and spacious, with ample room for even the biggest of ears. Range, however, is where the JR900 really impresses when compared to the other headphones on this list, and really any potential competitor: while Koss does not give an actual quote for their range, the JR900 are clearly audible at 50 feet from the transmitter, and some users have reported listenable volumes at up to 100 ft indoors. This is likely the result of using a much lower frequency radio signal (5 channels in the 900 MHz range) to transmit signal; lower radio frequencies typically have better range and superior signal penetration, meaning that obstacles between your receiver and cans arent as serious an issue compared to the more popular infrared (300 GHz - 400 THz) or Kleer (2.4 GHz) technologies. This is a seriously impressive feat, and even Sennheisers costly RS220 cant quite match the potentially usable range of the JR900.

    There are a few usability issues that potential buyers should be aware of, but they are no reason to write the JR900 off without trying them. Some users have reported interference with other devices like mobile phones and routers; in a home theater or audio setup, this might not be an issue, but if you plan to use your wireless cans around the office, or in any environment where there are multiple potentially interfering signals coming from computers, cell phones, pagers, wireless routers, Bluetooth devices, etc. then I would steer clear of the JR900; if you have a wireless router in your house, it shouldnt cause issues on its own, but if youre planning on setting up the transmitter right next to your router and computer, and have a smartphone that is constantly receiving emails, one of the Sennheiser sets that uses Kleer tech, like the RS180, might be a better choice. The transmitter is also on the light side, making the JR900 less than ideal for crowded areas or anywhere it, or the table it sits on, might be easily bumped. The JR900 is a closed headphone, however, so if your office is not especially physically turbulent, the JR900 makes a good choice for isolating yourself from the noise. These minor caveats aside, the JR900 offers good sound with outstanding range and reliability, and is a good choice for anyone looking to roam around the house or office while listening to tunes.Rating: 4/5

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