Lakland The Decade Guitar Bass

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There are other brands that may be bigger in the world of bass guitars, but Lakland has built a reputation for itself with its great-sounding, intuitively-designed axes since 1995. With their Skyline Decade, the company has done it again, with an all mahogany-bodied bass that produces a solid, low-end tone. A slim maple neck makes this guitar easy to hold in your hands as you play, while the fretboard has been treated to even more specialized care to result in a very playable instrument. The luthiers at Lakland utilize a scanning technology called Plek to perform high-speed, accurate fret dressing, resulting in a consistently superb quality for all their precise handiwork.

The Lakland Skyline Decade’s specialized Chi-Sonic pickups were birthed from a collaboration between Lakland and Hanson Pickups. These single-coil electronics are able to work within an extremely wide dynamic range, meaning it doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a super-bass-driven tone or want to get a bit more melodic and treble-oriented with your playing. With a tone control knob and two volume knobs, you’re able to directly dial in the tone that works best for you at just the flick of a wrist.Rating: 5/5

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