Lakland The Decade Guitar Bass

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Expert Review

The magic of the Lakland Skyline Decade begins with its all-mahogany body, which resonates with a dark and deep tone that all bass players seek to capture with their instruments. This bass guitar also features a slim maple neck that you’ll thank Lakland for later, after you’ve been playing for hours and don’t feel any discomfort in your hands and wrists.

The Skyline Decade is equipped with specialized single-coil Chi-Sonic pickups, created in partnership by Lakland and Hanson Pickups. Thanks to this electronic system, you have a wide dynamic range of tones at your fingertips. Whether it’s thick, bass-heavy sounds or more treble-driven, melodic-favoring tone, you can find what works best for you. Further craft that tone using the on-board tone knob and two volume knobs. Whether you’re looking to groove out on the low end or take melodic, jazz-like solos, you’ll find that the Skyline Decade is a reliable axe to have.Rating: 4.75/5

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