Lello Musso Pola 5030 Desert Maker

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If price isn’t holding you back and you want to make larger quantities of high quality ice cream, then the Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker is just right for you. These machines are frequently used in commercial settings with some performing for 10+ years without breaking down. You can make up to 6 quarts of ice cream, gelato, or sorbet per hour, making this model a perfect machine for larger families hungering for ice cream. The 5030 Dessert Maker measures in at about 20 inches long, 14 inches high and 12 inches deep. It’s also a heavy unit at over 50 pounds thanks to the massive, built-in freezing unit built-in.

This beast has a manual timer and two switches, one for your basic on and off and then one to turn off just the freezer part of the machine while it’s still churning up your decadent frozen treats. Sadly there’s no removable bowl, so although cleaning can be done by wiping it out with a damp cloth, it’s still a bit more labor intensive to clean than some of the other options on this list.Rating: 4.75/5

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i am wondering how this machine is expected to work with out an exhuast fan, i purchasded it recently and it took about 2 hours to make a single batch. the machine would over heat and turn off repeatedly. i eventually put a fan to the back of the machine to help cool it, if you have similiar issues let me know or have found solotutions... the 20 minutes to make anything is a myth, this machine takes about an hour to make 2 quarts and then only if you have been coooling the unit with a fan not provided by the company. why they have not made an external fan for it to correct this obvious and critical flaw i do not know. i will be contacting the maker and the distributor to recieve a refund or an explanation...

Posted on 3/31/2010 8:14 am | Reply