LeMond Washoe Road Bike

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The innovator Greg LeMond still can’t sit still who has kept busy jetting around the world to meet a plethora of responsibilities, LeMond has managed to come out on top yet again, introducing a new bike into a hyper-competitive market by bucking the carbon-everything trend. LeMond chose steel for his return, and the Washoe is testament to its namesake’s go-for-it pedigree.

Using Reynolds 853 tubing, every Washoe frame size is built with a specific construction processes to ensure that supple ride quality shines through. Depending on component build choice, these rigs weigh in at 17-18.5 pounds, very close to many carbon-framed bikes in similar price ranges. The Washoe can run with electronic or mechanical components and the bike’s geometry is designed for perfect fit and balance, bred from LeMond’s countless miles in the saddle.

A longer wheelbase brings a very smooth ride, along with long-haul comfort and rock-solid stability. The Enve carbon fork offers legendary performance in handling and its vibration-eating qualities give the bike the ability to climb and sprint and flow through turns with spot-on precision. Sit in and cruise all-day miles or wring every ounce of speed on any terrain; the Washoe loves it all.

This bike is a real beauty, too. In addition to the base coat, all of the bike’s graphics are hand-painted at the LeMond facility in Minnesota, USA with elegant finishes and colors that give the Washoe a killer look to match its ride quality.Rating: 4.75/5

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