Lenox 22213PDC4R Pipe Duct Cutter

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Expert Review

The Lenox 22213PDC4R Pipe Duct Cutter is the best pair of pipe and duct snips because for one, it has a sheet metal cutting capacity of 18 gauge. That’s really thick and will guarantee that you’re able to cut pretty much anything in your way, on any job. That makes these snips great if you want to buy a pair for your job. I also love that fact that the handgrips on this tool are over molded. That eliminates the possibility that they will ever slip or rotate while you’re using them, which is a serious safety hazard if it happens. Finally, this is the best tool on this list because the valve is reinforced with chrome silicone. This makes it more durable and ensures the wire lasts the life of the tool. If you want a pair of long lasting snips well worth the money, this tool is best.Rating: 5/5

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