Levana LV-TW502 Safe N' See Advanced 3.5-Inch Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor

Levana LV-TW502 Safe N' See Advanced 3.5-Inch Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor Add to MyBests
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    If you think video intercoms are for hover-moms; guess again. While moms are the largest demographic that buys them, these remote cameras have several uses. They will monitor the entrance doors of buildings, allow you to watch your business from a distance, and even give moms more accessibility than they thought. If you have a toddler in another part of the house, you will want to keep an eye on them as often as you can. Even the best parents can’t protect their kids 24/7, so having this video intercom will allow you to keep an eye on them while you are off doing something else in another part of the house. Ever wonder what that loud noise was? Want to know why they are so quiet? Now you can answer both questions without stopping what you are working on to go and see. You can even talk to your kids without having to actually go to where they are.

    There is also a built in temperature feature in this Levana model, that will tell you what the temperature of the room is. The screen is small yet easy to read, and will easily calibrate to night vision so it won’t keep both rooms up all night. It is clear, but not bright and overbearing like some other models. Because it is remote controlled, you will be able to turn these monitors on and off without having to go into the room. This little feature will extend the life of your batteries considerably. The monitor is also sound sensitive, so it will only stay on when there is noise in the room. There is also a remote controlled music feature that will allow you to play a gentle background song while your little one takes a nap. If you have any interference with your Wifi, you can easily switch channels to find one that allows for whole house compatibility. This is so important as the number of wireless services continues to grow in homes across America.Rating: 5/5

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