LG Electronics BT30N DVDRW Slim Combo Blu-ray Drive

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Expert Review

If you're looking for absolutely the fastest drive on the market, then this one is definitely not for you. The read/write speeds on it are respectable and should be fine for most situations, but the difference is noticeable compared to faster models on the market. When burning to a disc, this drive supports speeds up to 6x on Blu-ray, including both single and double-layer, up to 8x on DVD, and up to 24x on CDs. That's less than half the speed that you can get from some other burners out there, especially the Blu-ray write speed.

Read speeds on this model are similarly low with 6x coming from Blu-ray, 8x when reading from DVD, and 24x from CD. 4MB of buffer memory is quite good and will help protect your data during burning. The 120ms BD-ROM access time is about as fast as it gets, so that's one very strong point for this model. If you have a full-size computer then you can definitely have some better options but for a notebook or laptop that needs a slim drive this is a terrific choice.Rating: 4.25/5

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