LG Electronics Optical DVD Drive GH24NSB0

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Expert Review

In general, this is a solid choice and a well-built DVD burner with a maximum burn speed of 24x much like similar models on the market and a maximum read speed of 16x. For burning to a dual-layer DVD it only has a maximum speed of 8x which is decent but certainly not remarkable. This model has 0.5MB of buffer memory, which leaves quite a bit to desire as this low amount of buffer memory can result in slow burning and a higher risk of data corruption, so keep that in mind if you plan on doing a lot of large-file writing and need fast, reliable performance every time. DVD-ROM access time with this model is excellent, at 145ms when using a single-layer disc. You'll probably want your own software with this one, and it can have some issues with specific programs, so be sure it's compatible with any software you plan on using.Rating: 4.5/5

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