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Expert Review

While Samsung is the juggernaut dominating the Android landscape, LG’s G4 is a device that’s very competitive and is definitely worth considering for any hardcore user of Android. It’s similar in many ways to last year’s G3 which in many ways is a good thing. The LG-manufactured screen is both vibrant and colorful, having won over many professional reviewers. Text and images are crisp and lifelike at 531 dots per inch. LG’s known for their HDTV panels and their experience in designing and manufacturing world-class televisions translates to their mobile devices.

The manufacturer also bumped its camera sensor from 13-16 megapixels, keeping the laser autofocus system it introduced last year to much fanfare. Its video conferencing/selfie camera comes in at an impressive 8 megapixels which is as good as some mid-range cameras. A Qualcomm 808 processor with 3GB of RAM makes sure the G4 can run with upgraded processors in Samsung Galaxies and Apple iPhones. Reviewers were very pleased with its performance, and an NFC chip allows for capabilities like mobile payment and short range data transfer.

But here’s the detail many former Samsung Galaxy users will find most compelling: the G4 allows its batteries to be swapped and the use microSD cards. These features were touted by Samsung but the company’s since redesigned its smartphones with a sealed design, leaving power users who need to swap batteries and who have microSD cards to swap left out in the cold. The G4 offers a number of back plates in various finishes and the microSD slot can handle storage of up to 2TB, with 32GB of internal storage. While the G4 isn’t as weatherproof as Samsung or Apple’s flagship phones, it nevertheless remains a very compelling and competitive entry into the Smartphone market.Rating: 4.25/5

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