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Though it lacks the marketing budgets of Apple or Samsung, LG has pulled away from the Android pack as one of the best manufacturers of mobile devices with introduction of a radically redesigned flagship phone, the G3, last year. While the G4 looks virtually identical, LG’s changes to the phone (and what it didn’t change) appeals to many Android users.

LG’s upgraded the camera sensor from 13 megapixels to 16 megapixels (with the self-facing, selfie-capable camera coming in at 8 megapixels). If you’re running the numbers, that’s more than what Samsung or Apple is offering on their phones. But there’s more to image processing than numbers and LG’s camera (according to reviewers) performs very well. Like last year’s model, the G4 makes good use of a laser autofocusing system.

The 5.5 inch screen is also one of the best in its class. LG is one of the few companies (Samsung being another) that makes their own HDTV panels and their expertise trickles down to their smaller devices. At 531 DPI, reviewers have raved about the brightness and color reproduction of the G4’s display.
The processor’s been upgraded to a Qualcomm 808, and while it’s an off-the-shelf component, it holds its own against the custom, in-house designed chips that Apple and Samsung use. Paired with 3GB of RAM, reviewers are pleased with its performance and it is paired with an NFC chip for Google Wallet payments and short range data transfer.

The G4 remains one of the few premium smartphones left that allows its users access to the battery and to expand data storage. The G4, like its predecessor, offers removable "shells" with different types of finishes to allow replacing the phone’s battery. A microSD slot allows cards of up to 2TB (yes, terabytes) to be used and the internal storage comes in at 32GB. Users should be advised however that replaceable batteries and microSD slots mean the G4 isn’t as weatherproof as other phones which offer completely sealed frames.Rating: 4.25/5

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