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    If you’re a fan of older Galaxy models for the reasons of replaceable batteries and microSD slots, LG gives what Samsung takes away. The LG G4 offers a cutting-edge phone with all of the expandability many users are craving but are finding are increasingly rare. The G4 is well-built and well-equipped with a 5.5 inch screen matched with the camera sensor and processor users expect from a premium device.

    The screen comes in at 531 DPI, with reviewers uniformly agreeing the brightness and color reproduction of the phone is top notch. Stills and videos from its 16 megapixel camera are amazing, and up from last year’s 13 megapixel camera. Serious amateurs will appreciate that the camera outputs to RAW and it keeps the laser autofocus system from last year’s G3. The video conferencing/selfie camera is an 8 megapixel sensor, as good or better than many budget or mid-range cameras.

    A very fast six core processor from Qualcomm (the 808, if you need to be specific), offers zippy performance with 3GB of RAM. While it’s not the same custom-designed chip solutions Samsung and Apple offers for their smartphones, users won’t miss out on anything. The G4 also features an NFC chip for Google Wallet mobile payments and short-range data transfer.

    The G4 offers "shells" for the phone’s back, which include metallic-looking finishes, real leather and ceramic-appearing covers. This allows for user-replaceable batteries, with microSD slots (up to 2 terabytes) on the side of the phone. The phone comes with 32GB of internal storage.
    While it does make the G4 one of the most expandable premium smartphones from a leading manufacturer, it also makes less water/weatherproof than competing phones with sealed bodies.Rating: 4.25/5

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