LG SP60NB50 Super Multi Portable 8x DVD Rewriter

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Expert Review

While some external DVD burners are designed to remain fairly stationary on a desk or workstation, this model is clearly meant for portability. The read/write speeds on it aren't terribly impressive, but they should be sufficient for a wide range of tasks. For burning to or reading from a DVD, this model has a maximum speed of just 8x, which is about half as fast as it really should be, but that speed is sacrificed for a more compact design. CDs can be burned and read at 24x speed and though that's sufficient, it's certainly not amazing. The 0.75MB of buffer memory is definitely weak, but fairly understandable given the slim design. This device uses a USB 2.0 connection and although USB 3.0 would be better, given its relatively slow read/write speeds, you probably wouldn't see a performance improvement with USB 3.0 anyway. While this burner doesn't beat a lot of other models in terms of performance, it's very compact and easy to use, making this a great choice if you need to fit an external DVD burner into a laptop case that doesn't have much space in it.Rating: 4.5/5

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