Lie-Nielsen Tapered 1-SAW-Tapered-DS-015 Tapered Dovetail Saw

Lie-Nielsen Tapered 1-SAW-Tapered-DS-015 Tapered Dovetail Saw Add to MyBests
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    Lie-Nielsen has done something new with their dovetail saws, to make them easier to use. Even though these saws are intended to be held horizontal, ensuring an even depth of cut, few people can hold them exactly even. It's not uncommon to finish cutting a series of dovetails, only to find out that you've overcut the far side slightly. This saw has a tapered blade, being 1/4" smaller in the front than it is in the back. That virtually eliminates this accidental overcut, helping you to make better joints in your fine woodworking projects. The blade is .015" thick with 15 TPI. Tooth offset is only .003" on each side, making for a very narrow kerf on your cuts. Blade length is 10", with an overall saw length of 15". Maximum depth of cut for this saw is 1-3/8".Rating: 5/5

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