Lifatec Silfex Glass Optical Audio Cable

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Expert Review

This audiophile grade TOSLINK cable from Lifatec, a fiber optic specialist, is ideal for discerning audiophiles whose equipment includes separate DACs or other high-end equipment. It uses Silflex (not plastic) fiber optic cables to transfer the light pulses, and precision-machined metal ends. The fiber optic tip is polished to a 1 micron finish. Lifatec offers several different varieties of this cable with different types of jacketing for different situations. Jitter or other subtle timing issues that can happen with cheaper cables should be non-existent with any of the offerings from Lifatec. This could easily be our top choice, but it's a little more expensive, and is missing a finishing touch or two. But you will have no audio-related worries with this superior TOSLINK optical audio cable.Rating: 4.75/5