Lincoln Hidden Pond 14 Foot Canoe

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Expert Review

The Hidden Pond 14 by Lincoln Canoe and Kayak is a handcrafted recreational canoe that’s perfect for families because of its stability. The Hidden Pond has a 34 inch beam and still cuts through the water, the shallow V hull allows it to track well in most conditions, and easy to maneuver whether you’re traveling solo or tandem.

The Hidden Pond is available in both Kevlar and fiberglass hulls but you are on a budget, the fiberglass hull is sturdy and still relatively light, weighing only 65 pounds. However, the Kevlar hull is by far the best option because it’s extremely light at 44 pounds and has the best long-term value. While more expensive, the Kevlar fabric is long lasting, durable and easy to repair. Regardless of the hull you choose, the Hidden Pond 14 is a recreational canoe the entire family can enjoy for many years.Rating: 4.75/5

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