Line 6 Spider IV 150 Modeling Combo Amplifier

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While some amplifiers are best suited for particular playing styles or musical genres, the Line 6 Spider IV 150 cannot be tied to one single idea or approach. The digital modeling built into this affordable combo amp makes it ideal for players who want access to the sounds of vintage amplifiers and more modern effects and tones alike. Players have the ability to pull up 16 amp tones, including such name brand amp staples like the Orange AD-30, ’63 Fender Vibroverb, Vox AC30, Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, and more.

This thing is also filled to the brim with effects modeling, too. 20 models of popular effects pedals are accessible in this unit, including a digital delay, auto-way, pitch-shifter, reverb, and more. While players can mix and match to create their own sounds using up to four effects slots at once, they also have the ability to instantly pull up presets that have been modeled after or selected by some of the biggest modern guitarists and bands on the scene. The Line 6 Spider IV 150 features more than 300 signature presets, with tones pre-selected by artists such as 311, Minus the Bear, Slipknot, Johnny Marr, and more. There are also tones modeled after particular songs, meaning you can instantly recall the sounds used on classic tunes such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, Crazy Train, and more!Rating: 5/5

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  • Nate Nate

keep in mind this is a solid state amplifier. It's still never going to match that pure tube sweetness...

Posted on 7/22/2010 6:08 pm | Reply
  • cs cs

would the 120 watt version be rated just as high except for the difference in power?

Posted on 2/22/2010 1:59 pm | Reply