Loctite Quick Set Epoxy Pro Adhesive

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Expert Review

Loctite's heavy duty epoxy is almost as strong as the J-B Weld product, with 3500 PSI of tensile strength. Use it together with fiberglass cloth for even greater strength. This is a quick curing product, giving you a mere five minutes of working time. However, for many applications, that's enough. It works well with a wide range of substrates, regardless of whether they are porous or not. While waterproof, this epoxy product is not recommended for use in applications where it will be constantly submerged in water, nor should it be used in applications above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It's amber clear in color, it can be tinted with earth pigments, cement, or sand, and once cured it can be sanded and drilled. This epoxy comes packaged in twin four ounce bottles.Rating: 4.5/5

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