Lorex Wireless LW292 Video Monitoring System

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This Lorex is a great solution for indoor/outdoor security and surveillance, without the monthly fees larger companies charge. It is a complete wireless video-intercom system that permits you to mount the cameras as you see fit, and then monitor your property when you like with the fully programmable control panel. Some of the features include the ability to record motion only, so you will not be wasting time watching a still yard. You can also set it to record at intervals that you pre-set. The interval settings can be for only certain times of the day, or constantly throughout the whole day if you live in a densely populated area. Either way, you will have complete control over your video monitoring system and save yourself the monthly monitoring fees service companies like to charge. One downside is that this unit will only see about 30-feet in the dark, so if you are only concerned about something approaching your home this close, that should be enough. If you want a longer range, you will need to add spotlights, or mount another camera further away. Daytime viewing is much different. The clarity is so good; you can even see what color someones eyes are. This unit comes with 2GB of storage space, that allows for about four straight hours of recording time before it fills up. By changing the options, you can get more time if you chose to record only once every minute.

Opting for the larger 16GB recording time, you will be able to record continuously for three days, and simply set the unit to overwrite once this is filled up. You can access this information on your laptop, so you can check in from time to time and see whats going on. This is a great feature if you have teenagers, and want to know what they are doing while you are gone. If you purchase the optional CD cable, you can monitor your property through SKYPE from anywhere in the world. The wireless feature will not interfere with your WiFi service, or cell phone use, so dont be concerned about that. It will operate on its own frequency 24-hours a day without any problems. This Lorex model will also work as a two-way intercom in case you want to speak with your visitors without actually opening the door. It is as simple as pressing the TALK button, and releasing it for a response. The beep function will allow a small sound to ring whenever there is motion if you want to keep that close a watch, but chances are you wont find much. Just the presence of a camera alone will chase away most would-be-intruders. One of the other nice features about this Lorex is that the monitor frame looks like a picture frame. This way, it looks like you have a nice portrait sitting on your counter, and not a glaring video cam.Rating: 5/5

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