LSR305 Powered Monitor

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Expert Review

Engineers and producers who are looking for affordable studio monitors to use when mixing music would do well to check out the JBL LSR305. The unit utilizes the same stereo imaging elements employed in the company’s flagship M2 Master Reference monitors to give a wide spectrum to play with. This gives you a more sound platform to make judgments in the sound of the mix. JBL’s patented Slip Stream low-frequency port allows for accurate bass response even when the monitor is playing back at a low level, a tactic that's a great way to check a mix. High frequency and low frequency trim controls allow users to make adjustments to the playback of the monitor to fit the acoustics of the room that they sit in. And the wider sweet spot this unit offers means you don’t have to necessarily be sitting in the captain’s chair in order to hear the best it has to offer.Rating: 4.75/5

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