Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum Chrome LM402

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    It is rare to find a consensus pick for the best sounding instrument in any category, but most top professional drummers agree the Ludwig Supraphonic LM402 is the best sounding snare drum for Rock music. Many of my favorite recordings feature a Supraphonic and it’s been a staple sound of many of rocks top professional drummers. The Supraphonic has a crisp attack and a fairly bright overall sound which cuts through the band to provide a steady back-beat.

    This drum is also available in several different sizes along with a choice of either a hammered or smooth shell; the shell itself is beaded, chrome-plated aluminum for a signature look and sound. Personally I prefer the 6.5x14 inch smooth shell because it has a big sound that still blends well while the hoops are extremely solid and will stay in round. Available with either imperial or tube lugs, I recommend the imperial lugs because they’re slightly more durable and have the look you’re more likely to associate with the Supraphonic snare drum. While expensive, the high price point is justifiable because what you have here is one of the best sounding drums on the market.Rating: 5/5

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