Mac MTS100AS, 265 Piece Essential Tool Master Set

Expert Review

Mac tools was started in 1938 with the idea of producing the best tools in the world. Their product line now consists of over 42,000 items. While Snap-On is considered by most professional mechanics to be the best of the best, Mac places a very close second. The one thing that I’d have to say keeps them from beating out Snap-On is the ease of warranty replacement on Snap-On tools. This 265 piece kit is just a bit more expensive than the Snap-On Apprentice Kit, but has much more in it, making it a better deal for those who are price conscious. Personally, I'd hold them up against Snap-On any day, although most mechanics would probably ridicule me for that. One thing that makes this set better than the Snap-On Apprentice Kit is that it includes both SAE and Metric sized sockets and wrenches. That allows you to work on a much broader range of vehicles, without finding that you're missing a critical size. Considering that Detroit's change from SAE to Metric was a slow one, many vehicles have a combination of the two. So, having a combined set is definitely an advantage.Rating: 4.5/5

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