Magellan RM5295T-LMB SmartGPS 5-Inch Navigator

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    The SmartGPS is Magellan's attempt at responding to the fact that smartphones are making dedicated GPS devices increasingly difficult to justify. They attempt to do this by essentially combining the functionality of a regular GPS navigator and a modern smartphone. The SmartGPS is pretty much a big touchscreen, mounted using a suction cup mounting system. You can use the SmartGPS to connect to the web using WiFi, as well as sync contacts, favorites, and recent destinations - this is accomplished using either the smartphone app that works with both Android and iOS, or Magellan's cloud syncing service, MiCloud. This kind of functionality means that you can plan out a road trip or find destinations ahead of time on your phone or laptop, and then have everything ready to go on the SmartGPS with nothing but a quick sync. Getting this functionality is pretty straightforward, especially considering most users will already have set up the Bluetooth hands-free calling. Also unique to the SmartGPS are the changes made to its usual user interface - the home screen now has "smart squares", similar to widgets, that display info such as live gas prices, traffic, weather, and POI information pulled from Yelp and Foursquare. The SmartGPS can be used as a simple navigation device without all the connectivity, though clearly, if that's what you're after, it might not be the appropriate choice to begin with. However, when it comes down to it, the SmartGPS (using connectivity or not) has fast and accurate navigation performance with helpful visual lane guidance, and features such as using landmarks instead of street names when on surface streets (similar to Garmin's Real Directions). Overall, the SmartGPS is a great value navigation device that may just give us a hint as to what GPS navigation devices are all going to be more like soon.Rating: 4.5/5

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