Magnepan MMG Floor Standing Speaker

Expert Review

While they arent as full and natural sounding as many folks designing a home theater might like, those who plan to use their speakers for both movies and music, or who simply prefer the lighter sound of electrostatic speakers, will love the Magnepan MMGs. Offering serious bang for buck when it comes to detail, speed, and overall clarity, these budget-oriented electrostatic speakers dont require a subwoofer, with a stated frequency response of 50-24,000 Hz, but without one, they may sound a bit anemic to some listeners. Lovers of AKG or Etymotic headphones, on the other hand, will feel right at home with the MMGs on their own: their bass is present and punchy, but not what one would call full or very impactful.

Imaging and positioning, on the other hand, is out of this world, as is true of most electrostatics. The MMGs ability to place and separate instruments is simply out of this world compared to most speakers in their price range. The MMGs image like $2,000+ speakers; better, in some cases, and the acuity of their treble response highlights this aspect of the sound in a way that will definitely please lovers of a brighter, detail-oriented signature more than anything in the price range.Rating: 4/5

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