Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone Mic Condenser Tube

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Manley’s Reference Cardioid condenser microphone boasts an all-tube triode design, which certainly accounts for how rich and warm this mic sounds without any tweaking or EQing necessary after the fact. With a design that’s modeled after vintage European tube mice like the U47, this Manley microphone is protected against pops and sibilance, provides a bit of an edge thanks to its high frequency resonance, and offers a sound that will have you neglecting tools like compressors and EQ settings that are typically necessary to coax a great sound out of other microphones. Though this condenser mic works well with guitars, drum overheads, and even instruments such as saxophone, it really excels in the vocal department. Whether you’re tracking vocals for music or are recording voice-over for film and television, this mic provides a distinct warmth and clarity that sets it ahead of the rest of the pack.Rating: 5/5

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