Mapex Falcon Single Bass Drum Pedal

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    The Mapex Falcon was introduced as a chain driven pedal that could be converted to a direct drive, but is now available pre-fitted with the direct drive. I highly recommend using the direct drive option on this pedal for its responsiveness. It actually has interchangeable drives so the players can choose if it is chain, strap, or direct driven while the footboard height and beater angle can easily be adjusted to fit any drummers preferred playing position. The baseplate is a bit smaller than other pedals, but it's still very sturdy overall. The small baseplate is useful for drummers that have a lot of hardware or multiple pedals while the weight of the beater itself can be adjusted to the players preference. This is a solid pedal that is very responsive and can be as fast as you want it to be, making it a great option for all skill levels.Rating: 4/5

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