Marshall 1960A Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

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Marshall has become synonymous with the image of a big, blaring guitar amp cabinet, and so with their 1960A cab, they continue to uphold the legacy of their brand. This cab produces a loud, crisp sound that maintains a tight low-end without sacrificing anything on the highs. While many cabinets often unintentionally color the tone that’s being sent via the amp head, this is a piece of gear that remains true to the incoming signal and does nothing to alter it. The angled setup of the cabinets provide a bit of a brighter sound than what you would get with a regular straight model. Marshall’s 1960 cabinets are some of the best-selling amp cabs in the world, and it’s not hard to understand why as their rugged build makes them ideal road dogs, so you can take them with you on tour without any fear of easy damage.Rating: 5/5

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