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    While the Peachtree Audio Deepblue is easily the market's best offering for a smaller speaker befitting an office or kitchen, some folks want a bit more power. The Marshall Audio Stanmore is built to pump out sound for larger rooms or even outdoors, and easily outperforms the Deepblue in terms of overall audio quality. It's definitely bigger, so those looking for something to fit on their desk, or perhaps next to the microwave, should consider the Peachtree unit instead, but if you've got plenty of open shelf or table space, the Stanmore will give you better sound for the same price.

    Designed after Marshall's own guitar amps, and styled in according retro fashion, the Stanmore stands out from the get-go. Its classy, timeless looks will fit in well in all but the most modern settings, and it has the sound to back it up. The Stanmore sounds great will with just about any kind of music: it has the bass to carry hip hop, pop, and electronic tunes, but enough treble definition and midrange clarity to do justice to old school rock n roll, blues, and even jazz or classical for those who aren't extremely picky.

    Bass response on the Stanmore is full and deep; it doesn't reach into subbass territory, but nothing this size does without the assistance of an additional woofer. The overall sound is pleasantly full without becoming overly warm; the midrange is never overshadowed, and has more detail than one should dare expect of any Bluetooth speaker. Treble is smooth and, surprisingly, neither noticeably peaky nor under-emphasized or dark.If there was ever a Bluetooth speaker for audiophiles, the Stanmore is it; lovers of Wilson and Focal speakers, or high-end headphones from the likes of Audeze and Stax, might not be thoroughly impressed, but the Stanmore is certainly a breath of fresh air next to the legions of comparably thin, under-detailed Bluetooth offerings on the market. If you want the absolute best audio quality from a standalone native Bluetooth speaker, the Stanmore should be at the top of your list.Rating: 5/5

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