MartinLogan Dynamo 1000W 12-inch Wireless Ready Subwoofer

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    In spite of the widespread disdain from audiophiles for wireless technologies of all kinds, including Blueooth, Kleer, and standard 2.4ghz transmission, the Dynamo 1000W leaves no room for doubt about being a true HiFi subwoofer. Slotting in just below the 1500x in MartinLogan's Dynamo series, it is a product that even the snobbiest of snobs can’t turn their noses up at. It digs down to 22hz capably, and maintains power below 30hz: yes, even in wireless mode. Granted, a bit of definition is lost by going wireless, but it still manages to sink into those really low notes, and sounds just as authoritative unless you’re really listening closely for differences.

    The 1000W delivers great sound, but it’s no slouch on features either. It’s 12-inch woofer is powered by a 500-watt amplifier that can drive an output of up to 1000 watts when you really want to push it. The standard adjustable crossover is here, but unlike many subs, the 1000W sounds pretty nice all the way up to 120hz, maintaining good control and definition even when the crossover is jacked up. It also features a crossover bypass, for those who prefer to electronically dictate the fine-tunings of their system. It even features the ability to switch between downward-firing and front-firing configurations, a benefit that many serious audio enthusiasts would see as a gimmick considering that bass is omnidirectional in nature, but some do favor one over the other as a matter of preference; if you're unsure of your own, the 1000W will accommodate your curiosity.Rating: 5/5

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