MartinLogan Dynamo 300 Home Theater and Stereo Subwoofer

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    Bic is not a name in audio that most consumers will be familiar with, but don't let that steer you away: the F12 is a serious value for its current street price. Its 12 inch front-firing woofer can reach below 30hz, admittedly with some distortion, but this is nonetheless a serious feat for a single 12 inch woofer for under $500. It very well balanced for the price, too, lacking the mid bass hump in most consumer-oriented woofers in this price range. Instead the F12 places good emphasis below 80hz, sounding tight, punchy and reasonably well controlled until its limits are seriously pushed. If your room is bigger than 200 square feet, you may want a pair to achieve real room lock, but this could be risky if you live in an apartment or split unit. It comes standard with an adjustable crossover to help find the appropriate transition point with your speakers; if you have nice floor speakers, you may want to keep it around 80hz, but if you're working with just a center and satellites, or your floor speakers aren't the greatest, it should stay above 120 for a full sound.

    Like most budget products, the F12 is not fault-free: the grill will rattle a bit if you push it too hard, and you shouldn't expect it to fill 1,000 square feet with chest-thumpimg power. But if you're in a smaller space, or don't need ultimate bass power, the F12 is an amazing value at below $200.Rating: 4.5/5

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