Marucci Sports DO34 Adult Custom Pro Baseball Bat

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Expert Review

Marrucci bats emerged onto the big league stage in 2002, and took the league by storm. Marrucci has been attracting big name clients, such as bombers the likes of Albert Pujols and Jose Bautista. Hitters are drawn to these bats for a few reasons. Of course, top quality wood and construction are prerequisites, but Marucci's persistence to tailor their specifications to each individual hitter are what set them apart. Like the former, this particular model sports the ash construction, lending the same speed/strength ratio as the other. The feel of the bat is different. Marrucci boasts a thicker handle, which some hitters prefer. This wood is also finished, leaving the hitter with a sleek, stylish bat with the performance to match. The ability to customize according to color specifications is just icing on the cake, and a testament to Marrucci's commitment to personal customization. However, custom bats come with a price, which is directly reflected on the price tag.Rating: 4.75/5