Matco SPO87P2C, 1/4 x 7 P2 Phillips Screwdriver

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Expert Review

Matco could very well have come up with the best possible handle design with their rounded triangle cross-section handles. These are extremely easy to grip, providing very positive contact with your hand so that you can maintain high torque throughout tightening. The handle has a bolster hole through it, allowing insertion of a second screwdriver at a 90 degree angle to provide more torque. The shaft on this particular screwdriver is longer, at seven inches and is attached to the handle via "butterfly" wings stamped into the end of the shaft. A high percentage of soft material area on the handle helps ensure a good grip and the patented flocking provides a non-slip grip in case your hands are wet or oily. A precision ground, heat treated tip finishes off this excellent screwdriver.Rating: 5/5