Maxon VJR9 Vintage Jet Riser Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal

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As of November 8th, 2012
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    The Jetlyzer is one of the most coveted guitar effects from the 70s, evidenced by its appearance in many cheesy soundtracks and disco hits. Maxon dusted off the cherished classic, and pumped it up with some very Today features that are impressive. True-bypass is always a welcome friend of any guitarist, and the voltage stabilizer is evidence of a well-engineered product that will continue to shine, regardless of voltage spikes or irregularities. The combination VCA / VCF circuitry is the heart of the priceless sounds contained within such as the jet-plane, jet-slap bass, filtered chorus, tremolo, and more. What is really priceless here is that with the optional foot pedal, you can switch between jet-effect and normal flanging sounds with merely the tap of your toe. This is the one to grab. Rating: 4.75/5

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    • Bill Buckner Bill Buckner

    this was actually a phaser in the 70s. Along with the flying Pan it is one of the very best phasers ever put out. I have not heard this new re-issue, they call it a flanger, but Im sure it's cool. The jet sound is not musical at all. If anyone can tell me one song they know of it being used on, I would be grateful. I own an original 70s Maxon Jetlyzer. It's bad to the bone and I will probably never sell it. If this one is close, it's worth the $400 +.peace and love

    Posted on 1/22/2010 4:56 pm | Reply