MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones

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    Meelectronics has a great reputation among enthusiasts as a reliable manufacturer of good quality budget earphones, and the M6 is no exception. Sporting a duo of design features typically seen in professional in-ear stage monitors, the M6's ergonomic design secures the earphone in the concha portion of the ear, while an over-ear style cable helps it remain in place and keeps the wires out of the way. The M6's sound is characterized by slightly emphasized bass that does not intrude into the rest of the sound spectrum, and a generally smooth, well-rounded presentation that goes very well with most music. The M6s midrange is exceptionally detailed for the price, and while the treble is not extremely prominent, it is not a serious shortcoming, and is still more detailed than most headphones in its price range. The bass is very, very nice for the price, letting you hear all but the deepest notes, and never causing problems with the midrange; it is boosted, so lovers of a cleaner, more analytical sound should probably look at the XBA-S65, but for the price it is an extremely balanced, well-rounded sound that Im sure most users will have little, if anything, to complain about.Rating: 5/5

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