Mesa/Boogie Bass Strategy 8:88 Bass Amp head

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Expert Review

Where to start when it comes to the Mesa/Boogie Bass Strategy 8:88 amp head? For one, it has a wide range of wattage depending on where you’re playing it; 465 watts, 250 watts, or a slight 125 watts, all of which suit huge arenas, smaller clubs, or compact recording studios, respectively. Eight KT88 tubes power this amp, providing a loud and warm sounding tone that cannot be mimicked by any other type of configuration. True to its name, this amp head gives plenty of strategies for getting your sound exactly how you want it. You can choose between a nine band graphic EQ, gain control, active bass, passive mids, active treble, a five position active mid-voicing switch, and a master volume.Rating: 5/5

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