Mesa/Boogie Mark Five Guitar Amplifier

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Expert Review

Mesa/Boogie based their Mark Five: 25 guitar amp head on the same model that drove their original Mark 5 three-channel amplifier, a collection of the company’s most-beloved amps in one single package. Now you can get all of that in a much smaller and easy-to-transport package, along with a variety of tone-controlling features that really allow players to cherry pick their sound. Two channels offer a wide range of tonal options. Channel 1 is able to switch between clean, fat, and crunch modes, while channel 2 offers specific Mesa/Boogie amp settings in the Mark II C+, Mark IV, and Xtreme modes.

An on-board 5-Band Graphic EQ wrangles it all together, implemented at the end of the signal chain so that you can carefully apply it as the last tone-shaping factor after you’ve made your channel decisions. The Mark Five also comes equipped with an all-tube spring reverb that can individually sent out to each channel, giving you the option to provide subtle sounds or a full-on wet effect. And the CABCLONE is a D.I. and Cabinet Simulator that gives you the ability to capture the sound directly from the Mark Five’s speaker output and route it out for a clear and accurate signal that’s great for recording or sending the signal to a console/converter. Switches for the speaker status, cabinet style, ground, and XLR balanced output give you the full range of options to get the tone you desire.Rating: 5/5