Michael Tobias 635-24 6-String Bass Guitar

Expert Review

Michael Tobias has done it again with his MTD 635-24 6-string bass guitar, furthering his reputation as a guitar builder. Because of the boutique nature of his business, the 635-24 follows a basic design which can be customized in many ways, including the type of tonewood that gives this axe its gorgeous natural tone. Potential options include mahogany body with satin finish, makore body with a maple burl top, and more. Whatever you settle on, you’re getting the attention to detail and craftsmanship that has become synonymous with the MTD brand.

With such a natural look to the body and neck of the instrument itself, the MTD 635-24 doesn’t need much to complement its style when it comes to hardware which is simply black in this case. There are other elements that remain the same regardless of what kind of customization you choose for your MTD bass guitar. Custom Bartolini active pickups have been calibrated to enhance every sound that this dynamic 6-string can produce. A Hipshot bridge and matching tuners give this mighty axe the type of stability you can count on. MTD offers players the ability to walk away with whatever they’d like, similar to a kid in a candy store, making them unparalleled in the realm of high-end bass guitar options.Rating: 4/5

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