Michelin Pilot Super Sport Summer Tire

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It's not often that Michelin releases a new tire, especially when its current offerings still manage to blow away the competition despite their relative age. The Pilot Sport PS2 was (and still is) a top choice for drivers looking for the greatest summer road tire around, but the new Pilot Super Sport somehow manages to expose flaws that seemed nonexistent.

Just about every handling trait is improved over the older PS2, with increased turn-in crispness and overall grip. As usual, the Pilot Super Sport remains very usable in everyday situations, with low tread noise and the characteristic smooth ride Michelin tires are known for. Michelin has also made substantial gains in tire durability, thanks to research data compiled from real-world racing applications such as the infamous 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance competition.

Whereas the Pilot Sport PS2 earned a treadwear rating of 220 (not bad for a max-performance summer tire), the Pilot Super Sport boasts an unheard-of (in this category) rating of 300. This makes the Pilot Super Sport one of the longest-lasting tires of its kind, which helps offset the eye-watering, shock-inducing price tag. This is a tire that excels at everything, and therefore easily earns a recommendation as the best summer tire available today.Rating: 5/5

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