Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

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Expert Review

Gutter Supply.com is a commercial vender that will offer the same great micro-meshed screens that will do a great job. They can also send commercial sized shipments for larger applications. These micro-meshed screened gutter guards include the needed stainless steel micro mesh, and the raised, louvered support ridges that will help aerate the water. It will also help lift debris up so they can be washed away.

Gutter supply does stipulate that their gutters will fit any standard 5 and 6 K-style gutter, which is the dominant market, but if your home has something unique, you may want to double check this product to make sure it will fit. Made from aluminum, with an industrial paint finish, these gutters will also work on flat roofs, and are designed for commercial applications.Rating: 4/5

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